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Lately, there has been a growing increase over the counterfeit of Playgo products making their ways to the marketplace. To take corrective action, we have set up a program to pursue those aggressively who engage in these criminal practices, especially via toy fairs being held in Mainland China, internet, various international sales network and channels.

The Playgo Group is committed to combating counterfeiters vigorously and would treat every attempt to violate our intellectual property rights with utmost concern. Potential consequences of counterfeiting and/or selling counterfeits can include various degrees of heavy punishment like: penalty, confiscation of goods as well as possible imprisonment. We desperately investigate all leads in this type of illegal activity, and will take appropriate action against the sellers to safeguard the interests and properties of yours and your customers.

If you come across, or you believe you have purchased counterfeit products unfortunately, please pay attention to the following information. We hope you find it useful. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please mail to

Thank you for your continued support of Playgo products.

Q & A

1. Where can I purchase Playgo genuine products?
Playgo Group has, and always will, centralize the manufacture and distribution of its toys and products through Playgo Toys Enterprises Limited, their headquarters in Hong Kong. No matter of global sales, after-sales service and shipment are carried out through and only through Playgo Toys Enterprises Limited, the Hong Kong headquarter. Playgo Group has never commissioned and/or employed any sales agent, buying office and/or sub-office to represent Playgo Group in any manner to deal with their customers, whether in Hong Kong, Mainland China and/or overseas. Playgo Group has one wholly-owned manufacturing factory located in Dongguan, China, which is solely responsible for the manufacture of all products of the Playgo Group.

2. I wonder I have purchased a counterfeit product, what can I do?
Please contact the seller immediately. Most on-line websites and retail locations have policies to protect a buyer against any unlawful activity. You can also report to Playgo Group. We cannot reimburse you for your purchase of counterfeit product. But sharing your experience with us can help stop these illegal practice.

3. How can I report counterfeit products?
Simply click here to report counterfeit cases.